Kylie Jenner reveals the old-school secret to her perfect brows 4 years ago

Kylie Jenner reveals the old-school secret to her perfect brows

Kylie Jenner fans will be interested to know that the reality TV star has revealed the secret to her perfect brows and it's a good one.

With the ridiculous amount of brow products available these days, (fillers, gels, pencils, definers, tamers, shapers and so on), it can be a tough task trying to figure out what makes the perfect brow.


Now, while we're all after fabulous brows, no one wants to spend half the day perfecting them and that's why quick-fix solutions are always on my radar.

Although many of us get our brows shaped, old-school tinting sometimes often falls by the wayside which is a pity as it's an easy way to keep your brows defined without having to use any product.

Now that Kylie has revealed that it's the secret to her brow game, I see it making a full-on comeback.

The 18-year-old shared a no make-up selfie, originally shared on her Snapchat account, on Instagram this week and this led to numerous comments about how it looked like she was actually wearing product, on her brows in particular.

One Twitter user wrote:"I hate how Kylie Jenner put on snap all natural today but those are definitely not her natural brows".


However, Kylie was quick to respond and said that she wasn't wearing any makeup but the secret to her brows is "tinting".

Personally, I'm a big fan of tinting as it means you don't have to apply product every day and that in itself is a reason to try it.

Kylie herself described it as "life-changing" and while this may be a slight over-exaggeration, it will make your daily makeup routine a little easier.


Image via Instagram: @kyliejenner