An ode to dry shampoo: your chub rub saviour this heatwave 2 years ago

An ode to dry shampoo: your chub rub saviour this heatwave

It's hot.

Like, really hot.


Like, my thighs are sticking together and causing me severe discomfort every time I move but there's not a whole lot I can do about it hot.

It's the heatwave that we have been praying deeply for our entire lives, and while feeling the scorching sun on our pale, cold bodies is enough to make anybody's day at least 55 percent better, the heat does come with its challenges.

Most notably, its inner thigh based challenges.

Yup, the sun is back and so is the chub rub, forcing women everywhere back into tights and jeans in a desperate bid to curb the pain.

It's intense, it's sweaty, it's blisteringly sore when your thighs are rubbing each other raw for 10 hours a day.

The chaffing is enough to make you never want to leave the house again - partially because you can't look cute in your new summer playsuit anymore, but also because you literally can't walk without wincing.


It's a lot.

However, it needn't be, because there is a solution to the chub rub and it doesn't actually involve wearing pants or slathering yourself in Vaseline that actually makes the situation even more unbearable.

Just get yourself some dry shampoo - and spray away the pain.


I first discovered during last year's (very short) heatwave that dry shampoo could be used not just for my greasy head, but for my sweaty inner thighs too.

And yeah, alright, I ended up going through considerably more bottles of the stuff as a result, but it allowed me to walk around, legs out, freely so to be honest it was worth the hassle.

Unlike moisturiser or some other liquid-y remedy, dry shampoo is (spoilers) dry, so it's not going to make your thighs feel even more sweaty than they already are.

Spraying some in the morning will give you the protection you need to go about most of your day without issue, while using it when the chub rub has already begun provides a cool, fresh relief like no other.


No, really. There is no better feeling.

The amount of time you'll successfully curb the chub rub with dry shampoo for depends on how much you're using - and how sweaty your thighs generally get - but at the very least one spray should give you a few hours sans pain.

And in this day and age, we can't really ask for much more, can we?


So go forth, be well, buy a couple of bottles of dry shampoo, shove one up your skirt and spray until you can walk again.

You deserve it.

And if you're listening Batiste, fire us over a couple (dozen) bottles, yeah?