Rosie Connolly launches brand new collection with Inglot 1 year ago

Rosie Connolly launches brand new collection with Inglot

"You don't need to be a makeup artist to use these products."

For Irish beauty guru Rosie Connolly, working with Inglot has been a dream for her ever since she began studying makeup in college.


It's no surprise then, that when they approached her to see if she was interested in creating her own Inglot line, she jumped at the chance.

"Inglot has always been a brand that I've had professionally in my kit," she tells Her. "It was an absolute no-brainer for me."

The brand new collection - Rosie for Inglot - is Rosie to a tee, and she enjoyed putting her own personal stamp on it.

"It's a real hybrid of natural beauty, but with a little bit of Inglot glam in there as well," she says. "My style is kind of a mix. Day to day, I prefer natural beauty, but then I love to get dressed up on the weekends. It brings me so much joy."


She continues: "I feel like there's such a mix in there. It's all very warm tones. I tend to shy away from too much colour, but when you look at some of the palettes, there are still lots of bright colours - pinks, oranges - but they're very wearable as well.

"They're very much versatile, no matter what your makeup style is, there's something for everyone."

It was also important for Rosie to have products that are easy to use in the collection.


"You don't need to be a makeup artist to use these products and that's key," she explains. "Obviously, Inglot do a lot of professional kits, but I want the everyday girl to be able to say, 'Well, I'm not a makeup artist but I can make that work.' And I think that's an important thing to break down. I've always had people say to me, 'You make it look so easy!' and I'm like, 'It's easy when the products are right.'"

When it comes to favourites among the collection, Rosie has a few.

"There are three lip liners, lipsticks and lip glazes," she says. "I delve into all of them, but my most favourite would be the Deep Disclosure Lip Liner. That's an absolutely beautiful shade, beautiful for lining the lips in a really natural way. It's not too heavy.

"It's also the textures of these that are amazing. We've moved on from the super-matte lip. We want hydration and we want it to stay put. These are super-creamy. It's more of a satin feel to the lips and they last all day."


Rosie pairs the liner with lipstick and a lip glaze which she says feels like "putting on a really good lip balm".

Another favourite of Rosie's is the Diamond Gaze Eye Collection, a must-have for those looking for a striking, but easy makeup look.

"These are really strong pigments, that you tap onto the back of your hand. They're a cream, so you're not getting them all over her face. If you do a really simple eye makeup look, and you throw one of these in your bag, you can go from work straight to a night out, and it just adds that instant glam."

With the release of her latest collection, Rosie looks back on her own career, and she has a few words of wisdom for those looking to crack the beauty industry.


"Break your goals down," she says. "Break them into small bits. I love to dream big but sometimes it frightens me. I need to see the goal broken down. I think that's how my career has been. I'm definitely a dreamer, but when it comes to the day-to-day, I ask 'What can I do this month to get closer to where I want to be? How does that look weekly? How does that look daily?'

"I think it's so much more digestible because you're not eyeballing that big mountain. I get overwhelmed very easily, so big things like that can panic me and I don't even know where to start. But if you break it down and just focus on what you can do that week, it's so much more digestible and you have way more chance of succeeding in it."