"They need our help now more than ever": Rosie Connolly on giving at Christmas and using her platform for good 1 year ago

"They need our help now more than ever": Rosie Connolly on giving at Christmas and using her platform for good

"They need our help now more than ever. "

Last year, Rosie Connolly raised almost €300,000 for children in need in Ireland.


The beauty blogger presented a cheque for over a quarter of a million euro to Temple Street Children’s Hospital and Crumlin Children’s Hospital, following a wildly successful fundraiser in which she gave one of her followers the chance to win a Gucci bag. 

This year Rosie is giving away a YSL bag, and a whole host of other goodies, for the same cause - one that she says may be more important now than ever.

"I didn’t know how this would be received as I know 2020 has been a hard year financially for so many," she tells Her, "but luckily, we have raised over €150,000 so far. "



"The money raised goes towards many different important aspects of the hospital, from replacing essential equipment to funding things like birthday gifts for children who are spending a birthday in hospital.

"Many charities have struggled this year with fundraisers being cancelled due to Covid-19, so they need our help now more than ever. "


This year, Rosie is working alongside One4All's new #joy4all campaign. A reminder that the festive season means something different to everyone, 2020's campaign is all about bringing a little bit of extra joy to friends and family who undoubtedly need it this Christmas.

Rosie says that although she won't be able to spend the holidays with her extended family, she's still finding ways to connect this festive season.

"I haven’t seen my sister and nieces and nephews all year as they live in the west of Ireland," she says, "but we have been making the most of video calling and they’ll all be receiving a One4all Gift Card in the post this year."


Rosie's fundraiser, which has already raised over €150,000 for Crumlin and Temple Street Children's Hospitals, runs until December 13. But it's not just charity drives that the blogger has been using her platform for over this past year.

Back in October, she opened up about a recent cancer scare after finding a lump in her breast. The lump was thankfully benign, but Rosie saw the opportunity to encourage her followers to be aware of the changes in their bodies and keep up with any screening appointments.

She says that using her platform in such a way has become "vital."

"My platform was built from sharing fashion and makeup which means my audience is 90% female," she says. "It would be such a shame not to use it for spreading awareness for women health, especially when it’s something I have just experienced myself.


"It was a very scary time that luckily ended up okay. From sharing my story, so many women have got in touch to say they checked their breasts straight away. Some found lumps which they are now on the right treatment path for. It’s essential for women to know their bodies and keep up with screening appointments this year. "

You can donate to Rosie's fundraiser for Crumlin and Temple Street Children's Hospitals here.