Seven Ways To Cheat That Fresh Faced Glow After The Night Before 6 years ago

Seven Ways To Cheat That Fresh Faced Glow After The Night Before

Heading out tonight? Or maybe the weekend of celebrations has taken its toll?

It can be hard to look fresh faced and bushy tailed when you refuse to resign yourself from a fun night out.


When the 9am shift is looking eerily close to the time you finally made it to bed, be sure to use these tips to fake that fresh face glow…


The best way to beat off any night out is to step into the shower. If you’ve got half an hour to make yourself presentable, five minutes under a power shower is going to make all the difference. While you’re in there, use a light exfoliant scrub on your face and body to circulate blood flow and pick up tired, pale skin.

Keep lemon and citrus shower gels at hand to give you a fresh awakening too.


Chances are you’ve slept in your make-up and your skin feels like sandpaper. Use a gentle facial scrub to clean your face and remove last night’s mascara.

8. Moisturiser: Why not treat your partner to a sensual massage? You don’t need any fancy oils or lotions, simply use your favourite body moisturiser – it’ll feel the exact same as a proper massage lotion only this one will give you some super-soft hands and your man a super-soft back. Win/win situation? We think so!


After you’ve patted dry your face (remember the skin around your eyes are extra sensitive), add a dollop of vitamin E moisturiser to help stop that dehydrated, tired look.

Make It Up

We all know that make-up can be a girl’s best friend in the fight to look presentable, but don’t go overboard. Caked on make-up will only make you look more exhausted, and sink into your tired skin.

Instead opt for a good tinted moisturiser and try our top tips below:



Brow benefits - To fake a wide-eyed appearance, build up your eyebrows with powder to form a soft and natural arch. This will make your eyes appear lifted and more awake

White out – Applied correctly, white eyeliner can be the lifesaver to your make-up look. Applying a white pencil liner to the bottom water line and inner corner to lift and separate your eyes, this make-up trick can even make the whites of your eyes look larger

Lashings of love – Don’t underestimate the importance of a coat of mascara. Use an eye-lash curler to open the eyes, and apply a coat of mascara, before curling again. Use an eyelash brush to remove any clumps in your lashes.

Keep It Cheap For Your Staples For items you tend to replace a lot and don’t necessarily need to test first like mascara or eyeliner, you can keep it cheap if you need too. They still have the right research and development behind them and work just as well. Do spend on a foundation though, a colour match is critical and once you find a trusty foundation it is tough to leave it for a cheaper version.



Sip Yourself To Health

Ditch the coffee and tea. Although caffeine may put a pep in your step, if you’re already dehydrated, that tea or coffee could upset your tummy, sending you straight to the bathroom.

Instead stop off for a lemon from the shop and cut into slices. Boil the kettle and slip in a slice to start your detox. Hot water lemon will help rehydrate your skin, detox your liver from your night before and  keep your breath smelling fresh.


Hair Care

You might think hiding behind your hair will help you stay invisible, but lank locks will only bring down your fresh new look.

If your hair needs some serious TLC after a shower, use a spritz of dry shampoo to boost your roots. Instead opt for a high ponytail or ballet bun for an instant face lift.

Beat Those Red Eyes

Red eyes are a telltale sign of a heavy night out. Although they can be hard to hide, there are some tips for reducing the side-effects and stinging.

Buy eye-wash drops over the counter in any pharmacy and use to wash out any dust and dirt from the night before.

Can’t make it to a pharmacy? Run a face towel under warm water and rest over your eyes for 10-15mins. This can help shrink the blood vessels and reduce the redness in your whites.

Block It Out

The right outfit choice can go a long way in creating that fresh faced look. Stay away from neutral colours – white, cream, black, brown, grey – and opt for bright block colours that will bring out your natural skin tones.

For blue-eyed belles, stick on a crisp denim shirt or sport anything sky blue, while pink, green and deep shades of red can help any skin-tone look more vibrant.

Too shy to go bold in a block colour? Stick to warm neutrals and wear a statement accessory piece to brighten up your look.