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There's a new type of Beauty Blender and it's breaking the internet
People are going mad for it.

Have you spotted this yet?

The Evie Blender has landed and judging by the hype alone, it could rival beauty's current must-have applicator, the Beauty Blender.

So, the gist of it is it works in the same way as a Beauty Blender, namely that it's brilliant at blending, but unlike the sponges which get pretty disgusting, this nifty invention avoids that pitall.

According to reports, the Evie is made from medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone and was dreamed up by make-up artist Angie Johnson.

So let's recap, it works in the same way as your reliable bright pink BB but unlike the standard sponges, it doesn't absorb any product and negates the need for cleaning with antibacterial soap etc.


To be fair, that pretty much sounds like the dream and of course, I must mention that it comes in sparkly silver AND purple, a feature that will appeal to all the magpies out there.

It's only getting off the ground at the moment but Angie has launched a Kickstarter campaign to ensure the project gets off the ground and seeing as beauty heads are losing their heads for it, I have a feeling we'll be seeing it on shelves before long.

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