The nail trend that is very weird, beyond freaky and can prove dangerous 5 years ago

The nail trend that is very weird, beyond freaky and can prove dangerous


To be honest, I didn't think nail trends could get any worse than hairy nails (check them out here) but then, along came duck feet nails.


Why anyone would want to pay for their nails to look like this is completely beyond me but each to their own and all that jazz.

Duck feet nails, also referred to as flared nails FYI, first came to fruition in 2012, as seen on Buzzfeed, but they appear to be making a comeback and I can't cope.

So what do they involve?

They're acrylic and the tip is a LOT wider than the actual nail which allows for the appearance of webbed duck feet.

Some people love them, others not so much and there's even a Yahoo! Answers forum dedicated to this very subject.

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If you're a fan of nail trends and feel like giving them a go, there's some important information you should be aware of.

A nail technician wrote into the aforementioned forum and explained how duck feet nails can prove dangerous if you're not careful.


The professional, (who has considerable experience in the art of applying acrylics), explained:

"They can easily break off and take part of your nail and that can be extremely painful".


The wide part, the duck's foot so to speak, can rip off and damage your own nail, not ideal at all.

Here are some examples of duck feet nails, so you can get an idea of what we're talking about:


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