This Make-Up Technique Means We Can Skip Contouring 7 years ago

This Make-Up Technique Means We Can Skip Contouring

Try as we might, we can't master the art of contouring and so, we're going in search of alternative make-up techniques.

While we've heard of colour correcting to eliminate under eye bags and conceal redness, it's now being used as a technique to apply an entire face of make-up.


YouTuber and make-up artist Tiana Cosmetics recently shared a tutorial on Instagram where she showed how to get the look.

NOTE: (AFTER I BLEND THE COLOUR CORRECTING OUT I PUT FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER ON TOP) Hey guys!! I'm super excited for this insta video because it's a collab with the one and only @nicolconcilio ❤️❤️?? we both used the @nyxcosmetics @nyxcanada colour correcting kit! The purple is to correct any weird yellows on my skin, green is for any redness or blemishes I may have, yellow and the salmon pink are for any dark circles, darkness or any acne scaring. DISCLAMER: this video was for fun and just a fun way to teach you about colour correcting. The amount used is not for every day colour correcting unless you do have any extreme discolouration on you face. A little can go a long way for colour correcting :) SHOW US your CRAZY colour correcting using the hashtag #colorcorrectingclash !! PS I have a mini makeup tutorial on this look a few posts back (my inspired Barbie makeup tutorial) as well as the FULL tutorial on my YouTube channel! Hope you are all having a lovely day! #tianacosmetics

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What we like about this idea is that it's using light and bright shades as the darker colours used in contouring can result in something you'd find on a Pinterest fail board.


We're off to practice this and this time, we will get it right! Yes, we will (after twenty million tries, that is).