This Tip Has Revamped The Way We Apply Mascara 6 years ago

This Tip Has Revamped The Way We Apply Mascara

When applying mascara, there's a go-to method most of us swear by but according to the experts, we're going to have to up our game.

We usually put on mascara and concentrate on the outer lashes, which according to, makeup artist Monika Blunder, serves to make our eyes look smaller.


Chatting to lash expert Sarah Maxwell, Monika maintains that putting extra emphasis on our outer lashes can cause a droopy effect.

It's pretty simple to combat this though, all you have to do is move your mascara wand inwards a little and focus on the lashes directly underneath your eyebrow arch.

Apparently, adding a little extra oomph to the lashes at the centre of your eyes can make all the difference.


We will definitely be trying this technique out...

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