I tried Rimmel's new €8 Stay Matte lippy and this is how I got on 5 years ago

I tried Rimmel's new €8 Stay Matte lippy and this is how I got on

I have had a love/hate relationship with lipstick for a while now.

Ever since I first got into make-up at the tender age of 14, something I would always avoid was lip colour.


Why? I always thought it accentuated how small and uneven my lips were.

I've gotten over that hang-up in recent years, but I still have a slight grudge against lipstick and only wear very light colours or sometimes none at all.

However, Rita Ora's new collection with Rimmel was delivered into Her HQ today, and so I thought I might as well try them out.

Right off the bat, my eyes went straight to two colours - Pink Blink and Plum This Show.


As autumn is swiftly on its way, I want to start experimenting with new looks, so I decided to try these two 'Stay Matte' lippys out.

First I tried Pink Blink, and I have to say, I loved the colour. It's not too harsh and I feel like it will go with any make-up look. It's not too 'in-yo-face' either, which I like.


About 30 seconds after application, the lipstick was embedded onto my lips, clearly living up to the name 'Stay Matte'.

Bear in mind I didn't wear any lip liner with the lipsticks like I usually would, but Pink Blink definitely was a winner for me and gave me the bit of definition that I feel I need.

Next up is a colour that is completely out of my comfort zone.

Plum This Show is the darkest colour in the collection, and after seeing Rita Ora rock it in the ads, I thought I should try it too.


After taking a second glance at myself, I was actually happily surprised with the colour of Plum This Show and even preferred it to Pink Blink.

I think it makes my lips look bigger (hurrah!), and the colour is giving me ALL of the autumn vibes.

Fast forward a few hours and two coffees later, and the 'Stay Matte' lippy is still on my lips. It didn't even come off on my coffee cup which most of my make-up does.

And while my foundation and mascara faded away during the day, the liquid lip colour stayed firmly in place (bar a few cracks).


At the end of the day, I might not opt to wear them everyday, but they're defo going to stay in my make-up bag for the foreseeable future.

Rimmel Stay Matte lip colours retail for €7.95 and are available in pharmacies nationwide.