We are intrigued! The €5 product that's said to work wonders for acne 2 years ago

We are intrigued! The €5 product that's said to work wonders for acne

As anyone who suffers from acne knows all too well, the skin condition can prove very distressing.

There are different types of acne and it can impact various people in various ways but ways to treat and help prevent it are always of major interest.


French model Camille Rowe is a huge fan of the under €5 product Hexomedine Transcutanée, which she's described as 'incredible' and says is perfect for when acne breakouts occur.

It dries up spots, reduces redness and kills acne-causing bacteria and in a 2016 interview with The Gloss, Camille says she uses a cotton bud or 'Q-tip' to apply it.

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Camille said:

"I use Hexomedine Transcutanée, which I buy from French pharmacies. It costs like 2 euro. There’s the Cutanée version for surface blemishes, and then the Transcutanée, which is for cystic acne. But the cystic one works well for both. You just put it on with a Q-tip. It's incredible".

This is stocked in pharmacies across France so if you're going on holidays or know someone living there, it's worth stocking up on but it can also be shipped from a number of websites if it's a matter of urgency.


This isn't the first time France has been credited with a coining a skincare hero as previously we learned that a bottle of Avène Eau Thermale is sold every second in the country.

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Pretty impressive to be fair and the good news about this particular product is that you can pick it up readily in pharmacies across Ireland.