We've been using hair grips the wrong ways entirely 6 years ago

We've been using hair grips the wrong ways entirely

Simple yet effective.

That's the best way to describe this hair grip hack and we're mortified at the fact that we had it SO wrong all this time.


If you're not aware and chances are you may have heard this one already, hair grips tend to actually stay in place far better when the wavy squiggly side is turned into your hair, rather than facing outwards.

Not only does it hold your hair in place but the straight side isn't as noticeable which means your hair looks even better.

While we only recently came across this hack, it's not an entirely new idea and a number of other beauty buffs are familiar with the game-changing hack.


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That said, we love nothing more than a good hair hack and this is one we'll be using time and time again...that's if we can actually manage to hold onto the pesky clips to begin with. Hopefully, we're not the only ones losing them time after time!