You'll be ringing your stylist looking for this particular hair trend 3 years ago

You'll be ringing your stylist looking for this particular hair trend

Colour melting.

If you're in the mood to change your hair colour/style for autumn winter 2016, this is the hair trend you need to know about.

A change from the vibrant, statement looks of late, (hidden rainbow hair namely), this one is understated, wearable and easy to manage.

As with most hair trends, it's all over Instagram and you can adjust the trend to your taste, keeping it subtle with golden, brunette tones or upping the ante with bright shades.

If you're familiar with balayage and/or ombré, colour melting is basically another update on this pre-existing trend.

I spoke to the experts at Hession Hairdressing, located in Clontarf and Drumcondra, to find out how exactly how 'colour melting' works.

"Highlights are blended so well with your natural/all over colour that it's almost difficult to see where one colour starts and the other begins. The gradient effect means your left with no harsh lines and can be sure to avoid the streaky or dreaded dip-dyed look.

"Multiple shades are used to achieve this style but each shade is only slightly darker/lighter than the shade used beside it so there are no drastic colour changes".

Although colour-melting is hugely popular for mixing up different shades for blondes and brunettes, it's also fabulous for anyone who wants to give pastel hair a try.

Personally, my favourite part about this specific hair trend is the fact that it blends so perfectly, avoiding those 'harsh lines' and the zebra effect that was massive circa 1990.

See below for some Insta colour-melt inspo.

Golden Caramel Colormelt ?

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Hair inspo ?? melting is a technique that blends the highlights with the base colour of the hair ?.@beautycrew #wildharesalon

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Also, these gorge vibrant looks.

LOVING all of these bold trends at the moment! ?? #BoldHair #BoldColour #ColourMelting #ExhibitHair

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