Actors can now remove this personal detail from websites 5 years ago

Actors can now remove this personal detail from websites

If they request it.

Unless you get a huge breakout role, getting work in the acting business can be tough. But this new law may make it a little easier for people to get hired.


Under a new law passed by California Governor Jerry Brown, actors can request that their age be removed from casting agent websites and the likes of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) according to CNN.

While we might use IMDb to look up actors we recognise or see what other films they are starring in, many people in the industry us it as a CV in which their profile is available for casting agents.

This news has been welcomed by industry professionals who feel that the date of birth detail on their portfolio is holding them back. This is especially good news for women, many of whom have spoken out about the discrimination they feel for getting older which hinders their chances of getting hired.

Remember when Jason Earles the actor who played Jackson on Hannah Montana lied about his age to be on the show? When cast in the show creators thought he was 19 when he was actually 10 years older and had a false DOB on his resume. Well Jason, who is now 39, will be happy to hear this news!


While many people are celebrating, others have complained that this new law may be misleading for casting agents.