Adam Collard admits he didn't return to Love Island to find love 9 months ago

Adam Collard admits he didn't return to Love Island to find love

His intentions were different.

Two time Love Island star Adam Collard has revealed the true reason he returned to the show for a second time - and it wasn't for love.


Returning to the eighth series four years after he was originally on Love Island, many fans of the show questioned why he decided to return and what his real intentions were.

Now admitting it wasn't for love at all, Adam said he was motivated by money and opportunities that come after the series.

While he may have found love with Paige Thorne, Adam revealed on his YouTube channel that finding Paige was only a bonus when it came to being on the show.

He said: “Right, I am just going to clear this up right now. Paige is amazing and we are flying right now but everyone who goes on Love Island – it’s series eight now – people know what is coming off the back of it.


“You are getting a few followers, if you have a business like me it’s going to help amplify that and that put you in a better situation and there’s going to be loads of really good opportunities afterwards.”

Adam continued: “So yes, everyone comes on and says I am here to find love and that, yes you kind of are and obviously that is unreal but nobody is daft.

“Everyone has seen Molly-Mae absolutely smash the hell out of life and to be fair she has smashed the hell out of her relationship as well but even if you can get a little piece of that, if you have been in the villa for long enough, you know you are going to be pretty set up for life.”

Adam and Paige finished in fifth place on the show, narrowly missing out on the final and have since made their relationship official since leaving the series.