Adele says she can't eat pizza anymore, for a very important reason 4 years ago

Adele says she can't eat pizza anymore, for a very important reason

We never thought we'd say it, but we'd hate to be Adele right now.

Everyone absolutely loves the honest singer, it seems that during every gig, she does or says something that makes us love her even more.

During the American leg of her tour this month, Adele revealed that she can no longer eat Pizza, according to the Daily Star.

Speaking on stage to the crowd she said:

“I can’t eat pizza anymore guys, how bad is that?

The no-pizza rule is actually a very important one, as it could affect her career.

“Because it’s got cooked tomatoes on it which are bad for your throat and give you acid reflux. How bad is that, that I can’t eat pizza, can you get over that?” She said.

She continued:

“I’m in America and I can’t eat pizza no more. It’s worse than Romeo And Juliet! If only Shakespeare was alive, he could write about it!”

We would certainly say something just as dramatic if we were told we couldn't eat pizza ever again.

Adele underwent vocal surgery in 2011 after damaging her vocal cords, and when you have a voice like Adele does, it's no surprise that she's taking  the ban seriously to protect it.

While we feel bad that she 28-year-old can no longer eat Pizza, she's found a decent replacement for it, judging by her most recent tweet.