An Adult Film Star Has Just Revealed The Tricks They Use to Conceal Their Period During Shoots 6 years ago

An Adult Film Star Has Just Revealed The Tricks They Use to Conceal Their Period During Shoots

Award winning porn star Stoya has just opened up about something we never considered.

What do female porn stars do when they have their period?


Stoya explained to Revelist:

"The first thing you want to try to do is reschedule the shoot”.

But, she explained, that’s not always possible.

"Sometimes ... they can’t replace you, or it has to be shot that day — the budgets are very small. Not like in Hollywood where they’re like, ‘Oh, you have a pimple? Just come back in a week and we’ll redo this.’ There’s no money for that shit [in porn]."


And while she continued to say that some women may just perform an anal scene, sometimes there’s no option but to have penetrative sex.

“You would theoretically wear a tampon if you were just only going to do butt sex, but if you don’t feel up to doing an only anal scene, or you’re not getting paid enough for it, or you don’t do those for some reason, then you’re going to have to get sort of complicated."

She detailed how she prepares using a combination of sponges, douching and ice cold baths.

"So you get a sponge — but you don’t get a makeup sponge. You get a sea sponge."


You boil the sponge for sanitation purposes and then insert it.

So you put a boiled sponge in there, but first you get the bottle of douche and you dump that out, because ... you need to rinse the blood out first. So you dump out what’s in the douche bottle, you rinse it out in the sink … then you take freezing fucking cold ice water, dump it into the douche bottle”.

Then it’s a matter of timing.

“Make sure everyone on set is ready to go,” continued Stoya.


“Shove the sponge in, run to set, and then you go for as long as you can, and the other performer or performers and the camera operator and all that will be keeping an eye out because eventually more blood than the sponge can soak up happens, and then you have to cut [the scene] because you can’t show that."

Stoya made the comments on the Guys We F*****d Podcast which can be heard in full HERE.