Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively share empowering words about baby weight 5 years ago

Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively share empowering words about baby weight

We love their honesty.

Being under the public eye can be difficult and puts a lot of pressure on celebrities to look a certain way.


Having a child and seeing your body change can also be difficult for some women, so combining the pressure of the two, it is no wonder that celebrities are coming out again baby weight pressures.

Anne Hathaway gave birth to her first child Johnathan less than 6 months ago, so naturally she feels as though she is still carrying some of her baby weight.

Anne took to Instagram to share her feelings towards baby weight and general body shaming.


The caption reads:

"There is no shame in gaining weight during pregnancy (or ever).

There is no shame if it takes longer than you think it will to lose the weight (if you want to lose it at all). There is no shame in finally breaking down and making your own jean shorts because last summer's are just too dang short for this summer's thighs.

Bodies change. Bodies grow. Bodies shrink. It's all love (don't let anyone tell you otherwise.) Peace xx #noshame #lovewhatyouhavebeengiven"

Followers commended the Oscar-winning actress on her honesty and branded her an inspiration.


Anne is not the only celebrity mum fighting back against the pressure to lose post-baby weight.

Blake Lively also recently spoke out about the issue in an interview with Sunrise.

When discussing her fitness for her new movie The Shallows she explained that she had only had her baby 8 months beforehand.

"It's so unfair though because it's so celebrated" She says.


"I think that a woman's body after having a baby is pretty amazing, you don't need to be Victoria Secret ready right away because you just did the most incredible, miracle that life has to offer.. you gave birth to a human being, so I'd really like to see that celebrated."

We couldn't agree more.