Meghan has a very sweet reason for baby Archie's middle name 1 year ago

Meghan has a very sweet reason for baby Archie's middle name

As the media (i.e. us) have pointed out at length, Meghan Markle is no ordinary royal.

Having gone from girlfriend of a prince to married duchess with a baby in just over 18 months, she has shown time and time again that she will live a royal life on her terms.

She welcomed her first child this week, a little boy she and Prince Harry named Archie Harrison.

The name is super cute and also nods to Meghan's own personal tastes.

'Harrison' was chosen in honour of Meghan's favourite Beatle George Harrison, a friend has said.

It wasn't inspired by Harrison Ford as some have claimed, etiquette coach Edmund Fry told The Sun.

"My theory is she has a great fond feeling for George Harrison and that’s where that name came from more so than the American actor.

“She loved the music very much so, because she's a great fan of The Beatles.”

It also nods to Meghan and Harry's transatlantic love, he added.

The Beatles were huge in America, sparking a craze for all things British there in the 1960s.

Meanwhile, we don't know when we'll next see little Archie after his photo call this week.

Meghan and Harry could follow Kate Middleton and Prince William's lead and release an official portrait, like the Cambridges did with each of their three kids, royal correspondent Richard Fitzwilliam has said.

"They might very well post a surprise photo of Archie on Instagram but also they may not,” he explained.

Fans of the royal family can "expect fiercely guarded privacy" at all times when it comes to Archie, he added, so there won't be many sightings of the youngest member of the royal family as a baby.

“There will obviously be periodic photographs on special days such as birthdays," he noted.