Beyoncé Shares Swimsuit Pics and Asks Her Fans for #22Days 5 years ago

Beyoncé Shares Swimsuit Pics and Asks Her Fans for #22Days

Beyonce wants you to go vegan (and buy means from her new delivery service).

Queen B appeared on Good Morning America earlier this week, teasing a "big announcement". It's fair to say the star left many of her fans distinctly underwhelmed when that big announcement turned out to be a discussion about the benefits of going vegan and a shill for forthcoming delivery company 22 Days Nutrition.


While there's absolutely no denying that Bey has a smoking hot body, many questioned whether mere mortals like the rest of us can realistically follow the restrictive diet, being both cash and time poor. There's also the small matter of Beyoncé only being a part-time vegan.


She's not giving up that easily though. In recent days the normally private star has upped her social media game, sharing a number of posts in favour of the diet - along with a series of swimsuit snaps showcasing the apparent benefits of her food plan.

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Her latest shoutout came via Facebook, where she posted a video from her "trainer and life coach" Marco Borges, who also happens to head up 22 Days Nutrition.

Forget Daddy or Chips. Beyoncé or steak?



22 Days Nutrition

"Love more. Judge Less." - Marco Borges#22DaysNutrition

Posted by Beyoncé on Wednesday, 10 June 2015