Britney wants her father to be charged with abuse 10 months ago

Britney wants her father to be charged with abuse

In court, Britney asked for her father to be removed from his role immediately.

Britney Spears has told the judge in her ongoing legal case that she wants Jamie Spears to be charged with "conservatorship abuse".


Yesterday, the singer addressed the court for the second time this month.

After claiming that her vitamins and coffee had been confiscated by her conservators, an emotional Britney told Judge Brenda Penny: "Ma'am, that's just f***ing cruelty. Excuse my language, but it's the truth."

Britney then asked for her father to be removed from his role as conservator, and said that he should be charged with "conservatorship abuse".

She told the court that while she wants to end the conservatorship, her top priority is for her father to no longer be involved. She said that she is happy for Jodi Montgomery, the co-conservator to remain.


"My dad needs to be removed today and I will be happy with Jodi helping me," she said.

She claimed that her conservators have been "forcing" her to take psyche tests, but that "nothing comes of it".

In her testimony, Britney said that her father has "extreme abandonment issues", and that she was "extremely scared" of him. She told the court that she feared he would "show up drunk somewhere and embarrass her".

Yesterday, the judge granted Britney the authority to select her own attorney.


Matthew Rosengart, a former federal prosecutor, will now represent the singer in court.

Later, Britney celebrated her new representation on Instagram. She shared a video of herself horse-riding, and doing cartwheels and said that she feels "gratitude" and "blessed".


She also thanked her fans in the post.

"You have no idea what it means to be supported by such awesome fans!" she wrote. "God bless you all!"

She signed her post off with the hashtag #FreeBritney.