Cast members of Schitt's Creek reunite for Sarah Levy's wedding 1 year ago

Cast members of Schitt's Creek reunite for Sarah Levy's wedding

It's official!

Schitt's Creek star Sarah Levy tied the knot with actor and producer Graham Outerbridge over the weekend.


The Canadian actress, who plays Cafe Tropical waitress Twyla in the hit TV show, celebrated her wedding surrounded by her friends and family.

Her brother Dan Levy and father Eugene Levy, who both write and star in the sitcom as David and Johnny Rose, were in attendance.

She shared the news to Instagram on Monday, uploading black and white photo booth images of her and her new husband, with the caption "Bells are ringing."

Dan also took to Instagram to congratulate his sister, sharing a photo of the two busting some dance moves on her special day - and they look like they're having a ball.


"My sister got married this weekend. This is absolutely not a photo of us screaming the lyrics to S Club Party on the dance floor. Love you, @sarahplevy," he wrote.

Before the big day, Dan uploaded a photo on his Instagram story of Sarah wearing a white sash, surrounded by wedding balloons reading "Happily Ever After."

"Sister getting married!" Dan wrote over the post. "Let's go @sarahplevy."

Fans were shocked by Sarah's announcement as the couple had never officially confirmed their engagement. The two are reported to have started dating back in 2018, after sharing a snap from a vacation they took together in Bermuda.

When the show concluded after six seasons in April 2020, Graham expressed his gratitude for his bride-to-be.


“Words can’t describe how proud I am of this wonderful woman. She’s the most talented and graceful person I’ve met, and I’m luckier than I could ever imagine! I love you @sarahplevy! Twyla was such a gift!”

It is an exciting time for the family, as Schitt’s Creek recently became the first-ever comedy or drama series to win every single award in their genre at the 2020 Emmys.