Chris Evans reveals the real names of his newborn twins (and they're too cute) 1 year ago

Chris Evans reveals the real names of his newborn twins (and they're too cute)


Chris Evans has confirmed the real names of his newborn twins.

The presenter and his wife, Natasha Shishmanian, welcomed the little ones early this week.

There had previously been speculation that the couple had chosen the names Ping and Pong - but those were actually the nicknames

The proud dad gushed about the newborns during his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show on Friday, where he was joined by his wife phoning in on air.

He also confirmed their names: Boo and Walt.

He told the listeners that they had not gotten much sleep since they went out to celebrate last night - and actually brought the newborns with them.

He added that "mum is doing well, babies are splendid; sparkling. We are beyond blessed."

He said:

"Good morning from myself and the team and from Team Evans back at home. Everyone up already… We’ve been up all night. We did go out to celebrate last night and we took the newborns with us.

"So we went out last night, had a house full, I fell asleep on the sofa, woke up on the sofa.

"I think this is going to happen quite a lot more… We’re expecting more people over tonight, I might not even get the sofa actually but that’s Ok. Mum doing very well, babies splendid, sparkling we are beyond blessed."

He joked that it was a "a good job we've got guests on after eight o'clock", otherwise he could "talk about babies all day today."

He continued:

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. I can only apologise.

"Right now, we're talking about babies. Boo and Walt."


Chris and Natasha welcomed the twins on Wednesday evening.

Sarah Cox read out a statement on the proud parents' behalf on Thursday morning's show.

It said:

“Ping and Pong arrived safe and well last night.

"Both healthy, both strong, happy and blessed, as was mum throughout.

“Ping popped her head out at 22:10, Pong popped his head out 12 minutes later at 22 minutes past 10.

“Infinite thanks to the amazing team at Frimley Park Hospital, amazing people, amazing professionals, helping dreams come true. Thank you!”

Chris and Natasha were married in 2007 and are also parents to nine-year-old Noah and six-year-old Eli, with Chris having another daughter Jade from a previous relationship.