Dami accuses Adam Collard of "disrespecting" Paige 1 month ago

Dami accuses Adam Collard of "disrespecting" Paige

Shout it from the rooftops, Dami.

Love Island star Dami Hope has stood up for his pal Paige Thorne by calling out Adam Collard for "disrespecting" her.


Paige and Adam finished in fifth position on the reality dating competition, but they subsequently broke up after videos circulated of the latter with another girl on a night out.

When asked how his friend was doing by the Daily Star, Dami said that she is "good", and that it's better that she's single right now.

He then alluded to Adam's post Love Island antics.

"Stuff like that, it’s not a good look," he said.


Dami also suggested that Adam was "playing a game" during his second stint on the show.

He told the publication: "(Adam) should have just been the bad boy instead of playing a whole game. It just doesn’t look good at the end of the day."

While he added that he's certainly not "beefing" with any of the Love Island crew, Dami takes issue with how Adam "disrespected" Paige.


"She's my girl, so..." he said.

Last week, Paige spilled some serious tea on the Saving Grace podcast, and suggested that there are additional videos of Adam with other women.

"It's not just that video," she said. "There are other videos that people don't know about of different people, on the same night, in different locations."

She went on: "At first I was like, na, do you know what? It's just an arm. I get that people get flirty. There's nothing to it. If I'm in the club and a guy puts his arm around me, is it cheating? No.


"And then these other videos came out and I'm just like, ooh. Ooh, I can't justify this."