Destiny’s Child Star Confirms She’s Expecting A Boy 6 years ago

Destiny’s Child Star Confirms She’s Expecting A Boy

Kelly Rowland accidentally let slip that she is expecting a boy, after revealing the sex during an interview.

The Destiny’s Child singer, who is expecting her first child with husband Tim Witherspoon, was talking about preparing for the new arrival with Fox411 when she unwittingly revealed the child’s gender:


"We're very excited. So far, everything has been good. I just feel like the baby is already [spoiled] rotten–like literally, my Caress family has gotten him all of his little bathing stuff, his toys. It's just so cool."

Realising she’d indicated it was a little man on the way, Rowland decided to give in and confirm the news:

"It, it', f*ck it! It's a boy. It's a boy!”

The singer then reportedly asked her agent to let her husband know she’d ruined the surprise, before telling her belly, "I'm sorry, baby."

During the interview, the singer also admitted to some rather healthy pregnancy cravings, sharing her love for preparing fresh foods:

"I love rye with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions—the works. I like to make it myself then cut it open and just look at it."