So, why exactly is Adam Collard going back into the Love Island villa? 8 months ago

So, why exactly is Adam Collard going back into the Love Island villa?

Hide the women of the villa.

If you haven't heard the news by now, we hate to break it to you but you're definitely living under a rock, or just like, not on social media.


Any average Love Island viewer knows who Adam Collard is, but it's the hardcore fans who remember the absolute scenes he caused and the havoc he wreaked during his time on the 2018 series.

This man really came into the villa, got with whoever he pleased and dipped. Like he really was coupled with a new girl at almost every recoupling, at one point he recoupled with four different girls in the space of two weeks, he was a menace.

On Sunday night's Love Island, viewers were treated to a sneak peak of the new bombshell set to enter the villa, and when he turned around, everyone was shocked to see it was none other than Adam himself.

For the first time in the show's history, they have brought back a past contestant to reappear in the show, and if the fourth season is anything to go by, the antics in this year's villa are nothing.


But out of all things he could be getting up to, why is Adam going back onto the show?


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While not much has been said from ITV about his return, there have been a few theories floating around as to why he even wants to return to the show - and why the show would welcome him back with open arms.


The first theory people are giving is the obvious one, and the same reason a lot people are on the show anyway - to get a bigger following and a few brand deals.

While Adam is already verified and has nearly a million followers on Instagram, he could be looking for more. Adam is the founder of Sculpt Fitness, and works as a personal trainer leading many to believe he's only appearing on the show to promote the business.

It's widely known that anyone who appears on the show ends up with more than just love, they get to live life as an influencer and make a living from social media alone.

While Adam is no stranger to that from his last appearance, he is only guaranteed to get even bigger from a second time in the villa - considering the sheer amount of talk and headlines already about him (including me writing this entire thing.)


As well as this, according to Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson, he auditioned for each series of the MTV show but was rejected each time, so it seems he might get a kick out of being on reality shows.

Another reason people are theorising is that the producers are trying to make it bigger and better than ever. Over the last two years, the show hasn't been what it used to be. The winter series saw a major hit in viewership and people were more reluctant to watch last year because of it.

While the ratings this season have seen a massive increase, producers are definitely hoping to keep it that way. They've already done things that aren't normally done, bringing Gemma's ex in, looking for a second celebrity link, they need something fresh to keep people interested - so a past islander as a bombshell? Sheer genius.

Others are convinced he's going into the villa to do what he does best - wreak havoc and leave.


Some fans are convinced that he is only heading in for one task and leaving. In true Adam style, he has already said he is heading in to ruffle a few feathers and while we have zero doubt that's exactly what he'll do, some fans think his only reason for going in is to get a chance to create even more drama.

Adam was deemed the "villain" of season four, and with a reputation like that, fans think that could be his only motive for returning.

While we may never truly know his intentions for returning, we know for sure he'll give some sort of reason on his first real appearance tonight.