Fans cannot believe how 'unrecognisable' Chloe Ferry looks in this new photo 1 year ago

Fans cannot believe how 'unrecognisable' Chloe Ferry looks in this new photo

"You'd hardly recognise her."

Fans think Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry looks like "a different person" in a new image posted to Instagram last night. In the snap shared by fellow castmate, Marnie Simpson, the pair posed while out for drinks and people couldn't believe it was Chloe sitting alongside the 26-year-old.

The star who first took to the hit MTV show in 2015 has changed her look dramatically over the years, admitting to various cosmetic procedures including lip fillers, botox, two nose jobs, cheek filler, a boob job, a bum lift, as well as new teeth, getting veneers in 2015 and lastly, tattooed eyebrows.

Chloe in 2015...


In the picture shared by Marnie, fans didn't hold back to share their thoughts.

"You both looked so much better before you got all the work done!"

"@chloegshore1 Omg your face??"


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Many supporters of the pair replied to the negative comments reminding people that it's "hate like this" that drives the pair to become more concious of their look and try to change how they appear.

Chloe however takes the comments in her stride, often posting images saying "this is one for the haters" in retalliation to mean comments that focus on how she looks.

"I've been told that I look awful and that I've ruined my body. Everyone has an opinion, but at the end of the day it's my body and it's what I want to do with it." Chloe revealed to MTV in August.

But now, it looks like her array of surgeries may have come to an end, as she has reportedly told boyfriend, Sam Gowland that "this is it" when it comes to surgery. The star concluded by telling the publication that she's happy with how she looks now.