Fans shocked by what Brian McFadden had to say about Westlife's new single 5 months ago

Fans shocked by what Brian McFadden had to say about Westlife's new single

Well, we didn't really expect this.

We didn't expect him to comment at all, tbh.

This morning, Westlife released their first single in eight years. Yep, it's been nearly a decade since the lads came out with any new music, and it seems Hello My Love is not disappointing fans.

Everyone is absolutely loving it, and that includes former band mate Brain McFadden.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Brian retweeted the release of the song and wrote: "Love it! Great song great production. The boys are back!"

Fans were not expecting him to be so nice about it since he wasn't invited to take part in the reunion.

Back in November when asked why Brian wasn't involved, Nicky said:

“Brian walked away, obviously in 2004 and people forget and it sometimes hurts us a little bit, when you see the headlines that Simon Cowell wanted Brian.

“And I’m sure it kind of hurts Brian as well,” Jenny interjected.

“Of course, because we never fell out with Brian and none of those things. But, we did nine-and-a-half years without him and we genuinely have no ill-feelings towards Brian and sometimes press and stuff, and all of these stories don’t help the relationship because there is no ill-feeling from either way.

“You see that from his tweet the other night and we genuinely wish him all the best. But we’re taking Westlife now, off from where we left it.”

However, it seemed like there was a bit of bad blood between the lads when Keith Duffy interjected his thoughts.

“I think it would have been a great thing for Brian to go back. I think it would have shown great solidarity and great wisdom so I think it is unfortunate the boys decided not to go forward with Brian.

“So they were put on the big stage and didn’t have to do the work Boyzone did. But we happily paved the way for bands coming after us.”

“I said Westlife’s career started as Boyzone’s support act. There was no dig, that’s just fact.

“It took us a long time to earn our place in the business. Then Westlife were put together by Louis [Walsh] and were given the support slot on an arena tour."