Gemma Collins Protests Against CBB Bosses By Removing Her Microphones 5 years ago

Gemma Collins Protests Against CBB Bosses By Removing Her Microphones

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Or at least, remove your microphones and go into hiding if you’re Gemma Collins.


The CBB contestant was celebrating her 35th birthday yesterday, but it seems she wasn’t in the party mood after Big Brother bosses turned off the hot water in the house.

Angry by the producers’ treatment towards her on her birthday, the TOWIE star decided to remove her microphone and hide in the toilets so the cameras couldn’t film her.

What Gemma didn’t realise is that the hot water was part of a task the show bosses were rolling out – where housemates were asked to make Gemma believe it was ‘the worst birthday ever’ to win her the reward of an Essex blow-dry and party celebration.

Venting her frustration to Daniella Westbrook, Gemma said:

"I want to have a f**king shower! I am a thirty f**king five-year-old woman. They are s**t, the people who make this show. Seriously, who the f**k says “You are not going to have access to electrical appliances or hot water?”

"Well you know what? They aren't going to have a show because I am not going to perform for them!"

But it seems some people were entertained by the shower debacle, with viewers tweeting:





However, it seems her tantrum was the last straw for some, as three of her fellow housemates have now nominated her for tonight’s eviction.

Lead Image: Channel 5