Our hearts are MELTING at what Prince Harry just said about his new son 2 months ago

Our hearts are MELTING at what Prince Harry just said about his new son

Guys, we're emotional.

The minute we saw Prince Harry arrive onto out TV screens after the arrival of his baby son, we just knew he would be the most doting dad ever.

He beamed with delight while talking to the cameras and we've honestly never seen anything cuter.

He hasn't had much time to relax since becoming a father, but he looked overjoyed today while on a royal trip.

While at Oxford’s Children Hospital this afternoon he chatted with a mother of two called Amy Scullard, who was with her 10-week-old daughter Ida.

According to People, Amy said that she and Prince Harry spoke about being parents and she felt like they really bonded from the experience.

“He said he’s getting used to the baby and how Archie has fitted into family life," she told reporters.

"He said he just feels part of the family and he can’t imagine life without his son.’"

As much as we love hearing and seeing baby Archie, it might be a while until we get a photo of him again.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam told The Sun's Fabulous Digital that as Harry and Meghan "are rewriting the total rule book", it wouldn't be easy to predict when the new parents may share another photo of him.

"They might very well post a surprise photo of Archie on Instagram but also they may not,” he explained.