Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges diagnosed with lymphoma 1 month ago

Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges diagnosed with lymphoma

"The prognosis is good."

Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

The star, who is best known for his role as The Dude in The Big Lebowski, shared the news on Twitter today. He said he has already began treatment to tackle the condition.

“As the Dude would say... New S**T has come to light," Bridges wrote. "I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

"Although it is a serious disease, I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I’m starting treatment and will keep you posted on my recovery."

Lymphoma is a form of cancer that starts in the immune system's infection-fighting cells, lymphocytes, causing them to change rapidly and grow out of control. The condition is very treatable and often curable when diagnosed early.

Bridges, age 70, began his career in Hollywood in the '50s, before landing his first major role in The Last Picture Show, for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

He went on to be nominated for several Academy Awards and eventually won in 2009 for his role in Crazy Heart.

Following his announcement, Bridges went on to thank his fans for their support and encouraged them to vote in next month's election.

“And, while I have you, please remember to go vote," he said. "Because we are in this together."