Hugh Grant shared his 1995 mugshot and the story behind it is absolutely wild 5 months ago

Hugh Grant shared his 1995 mugshot and the story behind it is absolutely wild

Apparently, Hugh Grant's mugshot tends to do the rounds on Twitter every now and again.

The 59-year-old who has recently been preaching his political views online and urging UK voters on how to vote in next week's general election, knows that his mugshot and his illegal acts of 1995 will be brought up again by those who don't side with him on Twitter.

And so, in an act of rebellion, the Bridget Jones actor has shared his own mugshot on Twitter.

Putting his mugshot alongside that of Estella Marie Thompson's - a woman who was arrested alongside Grant, the actor called on the "trolls".

What Hugh probably didn't think about is that by sharing his mugshot, he also got a lot of people who didn't know about his arrest questioning him as to what went on and boy, is it wild.

Back in June 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested on Sunset Boulevard when he paid and received oral sex from a sex worker. The actor was caught in the act by police and both him and the sex worker Estella Marie Thompson who went by the pseudonym "Brown" were arrested.

To make matters worse, Hugh was seeing Elizabeth Hurley at the time and so, you can imagine the drama this news caused in Hollywood.

Thankfully for Hugh, he never went to jail but he did have to pay a $1,000 fine to an aids education programme.

Estella on the other hand had a pretty bad record for prostitution and so, she was sentenced to 180 days in prison but has since gone on to make over $1 million for her tell-all on the Hugh Grant run-in.

You couldn't write it. But Hugh now certainly has us talking.