Is Garth Brooks On His Way To Dublin? 7 years ago

Is Garth Brooks On His Way To Dublin?

Now this would be funny.

That fateful summer back in 2014 will be etched on the brains of Garth Brooks fans for ever more and there's even a play inspired by the ‘will he/won’t he?’ rollercoaster that sent fans into absolute meltdown.


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Are You There Garth? It’s Me Margaret is currently running in Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre and according to reports, the man himself is considering flying over to see the show that was inspired by those famous Croke Park gigs.

“He knows about the show and we have been told he’s very interested and wants to see it,” said creator Darren Smith.

“I wouldn’t be stunned at all if we had a special visitor in a Stetson next week. Aside from the genuine interest he has, it would be a great PR move by him after what happened."


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“It would warm the hearts and minds of Irish people to see Garth in the audience.”

We’ve no doubt the play would be a sell-out if Garth does announce that he’s on his way to see it, with fans eager to get a glimpse of him.

Meanwhile, The Irish Mirror has also reported that the popular singer could be en route to the Emerald Isle.


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“There is growing talk that Garth himself will come to the show either Tuesday or Thursday,” the report states.

“His regular driver in Ireland has been put on standby and he is on a break from his tour.”



*Sets up camp outside the Gaiety for the next week*