Is Mel B Hinting At A Full Spice Girls Reunion? 5 years ago

Is Mel B Hinting At A Full Spice Girls Reunion?

Could there be a full Spice Girls reunion on the horizon? We really hope so! 

Mel B has made no secret that she would like a reunion with the girls but most people had assumed that if it were to happen it would do so without Victoria. However now Mel has dropped a hint that we could be looking at all 5 girls getting back together.


She told the Associated Press, “I think it’s our 20th year next year so we’re going to be doing something at some point with hopefully all of us.”

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Reminiscing about her time in the girl group she added, "I think once you’ve had a taste of that you’ll always strive for that high."

“I mean there’s nothing like getting up on stage and performing live to your fans and to a great crowd. You can’t beat that. So I’m always wanting that feeling back.”

The 40-year-old will host a UK version of the popular Spike show Lip-Sync Battle, alongside Professor Green. It begins January 8th on Channel 5 and will see Alesha Dixon battle against David Walliams.

Here's hoping Victoria says she'll be there.