Jamie Dornan's father Jim passes away following Covid battle 1 month ago

Jamie Dornan's father Jim passes away following Covid battle

"One of a kind."

Jamie Dornan's father Jim has passed away following a battle with Covid-19.


Professor Jim Dornan worked as an obstetrician and gynaecologist in Northern Ireland before retiring.

News of the 73-year-old's passing was confirmed today by Chair of Division of Clinical Psychology Northern Ireland and Dornan's friend, Nichola Rooney, who took to Twitter to share her condolences to Prof Dornan's family.

"The great Prof Jim Dornan," she wrote. "One of a kind. His glass brimmed over. A true visionary.

"Early 90s he saw the benefit that Clinical Psychology could bring to the women in RMJH and made it happen. My friend. RIP. Love to Samina, Liesa, Jess & Jamie."

BBC NI's health correspondent Marie Louise Connolly also confirmed the news today, calling Jim "a true friend" and sending her thoughts to those affected by his death.


"It is with much sadness that I am writing that Professor Jim Dornan has died," she said. "Hard to accept that someone with so much life, wit, and full of advice and laughter has left this world.

"A true friend. Thoughts are with his family and medical friends around the world. RIP Jim."

Son Jamie, who is best known for his roles in The Fall and the 50 Shades franchise, said previously that he always looked to his father for advice when deciding which roles to take.

"My dad will always try to give me some tips or advice on every character I play whether it’s a serial killer or sexual dominant," he told BBC America.


He has yet to comment publicly on his father's passing.