Kate Middleton's mother revealed what she really thinks of Prince William in first EVER interview 3 years ago

Kate Middleton's mother revealed what she really thinks of Prince William in first EVER interview

Over the weekend, Kate Middleton's mother, Carole Middleton, gave her first ever interview.

Mother to three, Carole, has long dodged the publicity bullet by refusing interviews and even remaining to keep quiet from when her daughter married royalty to when she gave birth to the future King of England.


But now, as her business Party Pieces turns 30-years-old, Carole Middleton has decided to open up about both her professional and personal life in her first interview ever which was published in The Telegraph.

Putting a large emphasis on family during the interview, the 63-year-old revealed that no matter what, she always puts them first.

"They come first and that will always be the case, even when I have more me time."

Kate and Carole at the Royal Ascot in 2017.

Carole is often seen spending bonding time with her two daughters, Kate and Pippa and it's clear they have a very close connection and an open relationship whereby they confide in each other. Kate's mother was even by her side when she briefly split from William in 2007 - flying to Ireland with her to get away from the pandemonium around the split, Carole was by Kate's side.


But as the pair rekindled their flame, it looks like there was no hard feelings between Carole and Prince William as she revealed:

"I have two lovely sons-in-law and I hope I'll have a lovely daughter-in-law."

James is currently single having reportedly split from on/off flame, Donna Air.

Referring to the Duke of Cambridge and Pippa's husband, James Matthews, Carole seems to highly approve of her daughter's husbands and only hopes her son, James Middleton, will find the same.


Lastly, Carole explained that when her daughter married royalty, her biggest fear was that "I'd lose my family" but thankfully, she assured royal fans that they're as close as ever.