Katie Price reveals the truth about her split with husband Kieran Hayler 4 years ago

Katie Price reveals the truth about her split with husband Kieran Hayler

Katie Prince has broken her silence about her split from husband Kieran Hayler as she revealed the truth about their divorce.

The Loose Women panellist opened up on the chat show as she confirmed the news of their relationship ending as she urged her ex to "get help" after his alleged affair with their nanny.


She said:

"It is what it is, what you've read.

"Years ago I caught Kieran cheating with two of my best friends, and paid for therapy to get him fixed.

"Then our marriage was perfect, our family life was perfect, and I paid for this nanny, then I caught them again, and found out they'd been having an affair for a year, so here I am again.

"What do you do?"

The mum of five explained that coming in to film the chat show "takes her mind off it" - and that her kids are aware of what is going on.

She added:


"When someone stabs the knife in the first time, it's harder to forgive.

"And now the kids are older, they know what's going on.

"I love coming into work, it takes my mind off it.

"It's not normal what he's doing. He needs help.

"You employ someone to look after your children, and you find this out."

The model added that she was in "absolute shock" after she found out as she confirmed there's no future for the couple.

She continued:

"I was in absolute shock, but he's devastated.

"How are you devastated? You've done this to me.

"He doesn't want to get rid of me, there's no future for us at this point.

"I asked him, what went through your head?

"He knows he's an addict, because when it happens, he glazes over.

"It's in my house again, and it's around my kids.

"He's upset but he's done it again, you can't come back from this.

"I just want to enjoy my family and life, and not be betrayed.

"What is it with these women? He may have a problem but they don't.

"I can't tarnish everyone with the same brush, because otherwise I'll never be with anyone again."


Katie went on to explain that she hasn't kicked her estranged husband out of the house, despite reports stating otherwise.

She added that she still wants Kieran to be a part of the children's lives.

She said:

"Junior and Princess absolutely adore him, he was going to adopt Harvey, but why should they suffer?

"He should still help out the kids.

"I know I didn't deserve it.

"He's such a nice guy but he's got such a bad side to him that he can't control.

"I feel like I've sat here making excuses for him."


Featured image via ITV/Loose Women.