Kim Kardashian explains to North why she's famous and it's SO cringey to watch 2 years ago

Kim Kardashian explains to North why she's famous and it's SO cringey to watch

Oh, the cringe. ALL the cringe.

Kim Kardashian has had a long career. But even before Kim came into the world, the Kardashian family have been in the spotlight for decades.


Back before the family were *a thing*, Kris was married to a lawyer called Robert who was known for being friends with O.J. Simpson and defended him in court when he was accused (and somehow found not guilty) of murdering his wife.

Later on in their story, Kim came into the world, became Paris Hilton's wardrobe assistant, made a sex tape and then made a TV show - which first season was based around how Kim was dealing with the aftermath of said tape.

She has done a LOT since then. There's been the DASH stores, the various TV projects, the perfume lines, book deals and of course, a few make up collections, too.

However, when her daughter North asked why she was famous and why people follow them around all day, Kim had a very awkward answer.

On a clip from Keeping Up (which was later shown on Jimmy Kimmel), Kim tells North: “To get very technical—my name is Kim Kardashian. And Daddy is Kanye West. And Daddy is a singer, performer, artiste. Mommy has so many talents I can’t even begin to name them.”


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(Part 1): Kim explaining to North why she is famous ?

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She explained on Jimmy Kimmel that she was “obviously a little bit joking," and added that "as they get older, we’ll continue to have that conversation and just explain to them.”

Watch the video though, it's just so weird and awkward.