Kim Woodburn slams Holly Willoughby amid Phillip Schofield drama 3 months ago

Kim Woodburn slams Holly Willoughby amid Phillip Schofield drama

Kim Woodburn has slammed Holly Willoughby amid the drama surrounding Phillip Schofield's exit from This Morning.

Many have questioned if the TV presenter knew of her co-host's "unwise" relationship with a young man and viewers of the show are calling for Holly to speak out about it.


But it isn't only viewers that want answers from Holly, TV personalities like Kim have now gotten involved and she has accused Holly of "aiding and abetting" Phillip during their time working together.

The How Clean Is Your House? host has been quite vocal about the scandal since it broke last week and has now launched what some are calling an "attack" on Holly during an appearance on GB News.

Asked by Dan Wootton if she believed that Holly hopes to front the show on her own, Kim replied: "I bet she does that little b****h, I bet she does!"

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She then claimed that Holly was Phillip's biggest cheerleader and helped him move up to the higher rankings at ITV.

She continued: "She aided and abetted him to take a big salary, get shot of that little b***h. Wimpy, wimpy woman, she will not be missed."

When it came to This Morning and if Holly would return or not, she added: "I have very mixed emotions about that. A nice morning show with families and mums sitting there is a nice thing...


"[But] this show is so tainted and gross. I don't want to see it go off but I think it should."

It was only last week that Kim appeared on GB News to say that Holly is "two-faced" for carrying on the show without Phillip, saying: "You think of Phil, you think of Holly. All these years she's worked with him. She's heard him be rude in front of people… she’s never once pulled him up on it. She should’ve told him to stop."


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