Liam Payne 'crushed' that Naomi Campbell doesn't want anything serious 3 years ago

Liam Payne 'crushed' that Naomi Campbell doesn't want anything serious

Poor guy.

Liam Payne is apparently "crushed" that his new mot Naomi Campbell doesn't want anything serious from their new semi-relationship.


The singer and the legitimate supermodel have been dating for the past few weeks much to the surprise of everybody who has any knowledge as to who either Liam Payne or Naomi Campbell are.

Seemingly "mind blowing sex" (which the two of them have apparently so vociferously been having) isn't enough to make Naomi want something a little more meaningful.

Which is fair enough because, like, she's Naomi Campbell.

The Sun reports that Liam, however, isn't too keen on the ideal of something merely casual and is actually pretty "crushed" by the news.



A source told the publication:

"Naomi has told Liam she is enjoying having fun but that is all she is ready for at the moment. She has said she’s found him a bit too clingy and full-on and does not want a committed relationship at this stage.

“He accepted it but was a bit crushed. He is in awe of her and is finding it tough that she is so strong-willed and the one in control."


Course she is. She's Naomi Campbell.

The source went on to say: “Liam seems to be a bit of a puppy dog around her and friends have warned him the situation is a car crash waiting to happen."


Sure look, lads, leave them to it.