Lily Allen celebrates two years of sobriety 5 months ago

Lily Allen celebrates two years of sobriety

"Best thing I ever did."

Yesterday saw singer songwriter Lily Allen celebrate two years of sobriety.


Taking to Twitter, Allen said her decision to quit drink and drugs was the "best thing" she ever did.

The singer updated her 5.2 million Twitter followers on her progress.

She wrote: "2 years Drug and Alcohol free today !

"Getting clean is the BEST thing i ever did, and i've done a lot of cool shit."

Throughout her career, Lily has been open about her use of alcohol and drugs, both in her music and in her frank 2018 biography My Thoughts Exactly.

Earlier this year, Allen spoke about her addiction to Adderall during an appearance on The Recovery Podcast.

She said, "I was like 14 stone and just did not feel like a pop star at all.


"So I started taking this drug called Adderall, which is like speed, to lose the weight."

She added that she soon became addicted to the drug because it made her "feel invincible".

Lily also talked about drinking alcohol, and how she even considered taking heroin at one point.

Today, however, the singer is not only sober, but set to appear in a West End play.

In her tweet, Lily tagged the play's official Twitter account.


Titled 2:22 A Ghost Story, the play sees Lily take on the role of Jenny who believes her new home is haunted. However, her husband Sam, played by Hadley Fraser, is not convinced.

Allen and Fraser will be joined by Julia Chan, who plays Lauren, and Jake Wood, who plays Ben.

The description on the official website reads: "This edge-of-your-seat, supernatural thriller from award-winning writer Danny Robbins, creator of the hit BBC podcast The Battersea Poltergeist, is directed by Matthew Dunster.

"Intriguing funny and scary, it takes you into one adrenaline-filled night where secrets will emerge and ghosts may appear."


The play opens at the Noël Coward Theatre on 2 August, and tickets are available here.