Lindsay Lohan slides onto Liam Hemsworth's Instagram comments, avoids DMs 3 years ago

Lindsay Lohan slides onto Liam Hemsworth's Instagram comments, avoids DMs

With the praise hands emoji, nonetheless.

Since announcing her split from husband Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus has been linked to a good few people.


Cody Simpson is one. Caitlyn Carter is another. There was probably someone else in there too, but listen, who can say for sure? She's a cool, young gal, leave her to it.

On the other side of things, Liam has not been linked to that many people - which is why Lindsay Lohan literally commenting on one of his photos is seemingly a big deal.

The haters will say slow news day. But we know the truth.

(That Lindsay, akin to the rest of the world, is mildly thirsty for Liam Hemsworth. Hardly shocking, tbh.)


The comment in question came over the weekend in the form of a praise hands emoji (or high fiving emoji, if you're incorrect).

Lindsay posted it beneath a series of images of Liam enjoying some time surfing, while sporting a classic black wetsuit a op some killer waves.


"Wow, what an epic day this was," he said. "Great way to wrap up the year! Thanks @urbnsurf I'll be back real soon ;)."

Winky face, indeed.

This comes a few months after Liam officially filed for divorce from Miley after she had stated that the pair had decided to split up to focus on their careers.


It later transpired that Miley had been dating Caitlyn, a relationship that she later confirmed only began after she and her husband had ended things.

Lindsay, who was recently fired from her role as judge on Australia's The Masked Singer, previously commented under an E! News post of Liam asking: "Why didn't we meet in Sydney or Bondi?!"

Why, indeed.

Could this be the start of something beautiful? Could the praise hands emoji mark the beginning of the most intense celebrity power couple of the new decade?

Or is Lindsay, like the rest of mankind, simply a bit thirsty and exhibiting this behaviour on the Gram, as is her right to do so?


Only time will tell.