Lisa Armstrong reacts to Ant's recent interview about their divorce and his return to TV 1 year ago

Lisa Armstrong reacts to Ant's recent interview about their divorce and his return to TV

Lisa Armstrong's response to Ant McPartlin's recent interview suggests that the makeup artist is not entirely delighted that her ex husband has been so forthcoming about his new relationship.

Liking a series of tweets sent by supporters, Lisa alluded to the fact that she too was "disgusted" by the interview and believed that Ant should "have some respect."

The 43-year-old TV presenter engaged in a detailed and candid interview this week about his AHDH diagnosis, his return to TV following his drink driving arrest, and his new partner, Anne-Marie Corbett. 

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In the interview, Ant said that Anne-Marie had "saved" him and that he's never been happier.

He also said that, unlike his ex, he wanted to keep the details of his divorce private.

“I’ve not been on social media or put any of my personal views out there," he said.

"It’s not my style. She can live her life how she wants to live her life and say what she wants but I prefer to keep that private.”

Unsurprisingly, Lisa hasn't been raving about the interview. Since its release, she has liked a string of tweets condemning Ant's words and supporting her right to speak about her marriage however she likes.

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"Absolutely disgusted at Ant’s behaviour," said one. "My heart goes out to @lisaAmakeup the poor girl must be devastated."

"Ok so Ant's back but don’t come back rubbing @lisaAmakeup face in it (about) how (his) new girlfriend is his saviour don’t you think you have hurt Lisa enough, have some respect Ant," said another.

A separate tweet accused Ant of "selling his story" to the papers, however The Sun have since confirmed that the presenter was not offered, and did not ask for, any payment for the interview.

Ant returned to Britain's Got Talent last week.