Love Island first look: The islanders are here and ready to shake up the villa 2 months ago

Love Island first look: The islanders are here and ready to shake up the villa

Can't. Wait.

As Love Island starts officially tonight at 9pm, the boys have arrived in the villa in South Africa to really kick things off.


Shaq and Haris arrive together first, before they are joined by Will, then Ron, then Kai to the place they'll be calling home for the next few weeks.

Just as they're getting to know each other, Love Island’s new host Maya Jama makes her entrance as she arrives in style by helicopter.

She then invites the lads to gather at the fire pit as she quizzes them on exactly what they're looking for in a woman.

She asked: "Is everyone excited, be honest, how many press ups did we do this morning?”


Shaq answers: “I’d say at least 75.”

Maya asks: “Shaq, have you got a type?”

Shaq says: “Not specifically, I go for more personality and vibes but she’s definitely got to be funny, funny is top of my list, I love it.”


Kai adds: “I am looking for a wifey.”

Haris reveals: “I’ve never been in a relationship”

Ron says: “For me it’s all about if they are nice girl.”

Will tells Maya: “I wanna settle down, I think it’s time to bring a girl back, introduce them to the animals.”


Maya says: “I think I’ve found out enough, are you lot ready to meet some girls?”

Inviting the boys to stand before her by the pool, Maya then adds: “Well boys, it is time to couple up, the girls will come in one by one and I’ll ask you to step forward if you fancy them. Each girl will then decide which boy she wants to couple up with. It’s that simple. So who’s ready to meet our first girl?”

One by one Tanya, Anna-May, Lana, Olivia and Tanyel make their entrance into the new and iconic villa.

The first recoupling then gets under way and we see which boys the girls pick and whether people will already start stepping on each other's toes.


Once the couples are formed, Maya says: “We now have five lovely couples but will you stay together or will your heads be turned?”

And as Maya makes her exit from the Villa, she says: “Don’t forget finding your perfect match is never that simple, trust me I know.”

But that's not all, the islanders are soon stunned to discover the public has been voting about who the bombshell should be.

The islanders get to know each other a little bit better, the news breaks that the newly formed couples will be thrown into chaos.

But which bombshell will be entering and how long will it take for them to arrive?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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