Love Island's Haris is being called out for lying about never having a girlfriend 1 week ago

Love Island's Haris is being called out for lying about never having a girlfriend

The drama...

Love Island fans are calling for Haris to stop "lying" on the show about "never having a girlfriend".


As the show aired its first episode on Monday, fans saw Haris telling Maya Jama: "I’ve never been in a relationship.”

But it seems like he wasn't telling the truth as a TikTok video of Haris and his ex Courtney Hodgson has gone viral after being originally shared in June.

The video sees the couple going on walks, dates and driving together, with Courtney captioning the clip: "Anyone else’s boyfriend shadowbox at any given moment so content with life."

She also shared a video of her and Haris on a jet ski in August, with the caption: "Days like this.”


One person commented, saying: "Lool why do these guys lie, they will just get baited once they are in the villa."

Another person said: "Love island guy who’s not had a relationship? Hmm she looks like his gf to me ??"

A third added: "Omg as if it’s Harris going in love island girl get yourself in casa amor or as a bombshell your stunning!"


To make matters worse for him, after Haris was announced to be on the show on Instagram, Courtney took to the comment section to call him out.

She wrote: "We were only at winter wonderland six weeks ago together with my family.”

She also added: "Biggest game player going, leaving me for a TV show and I called it from the second he left me.”

Speaking about their relationship, Haris said last week: "So basically situation I had with Courtney is; we were seeing each other over summer.


“Then around September, start October time I said her, ‘Courtney I don’t think it’s going to work out’. After a few months, I’ve never saw Courtney as being The One – probably having a future or even bringing her home.

“She never met my mum, dad, my two sisters or my brother. It never got to that stage, I don’t think it would have anyway and that’s it.”

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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