Mariah Carey's son vomited all over Michelle Obama... and oh, wow 1 year ago

Mariah Carey's son vomited all over Michelle Obama... and oh, wow


If you were to meet Michelle Obama, you would think you'd have some sort of grace and poise about you.

You wouldn't curse. You'd be polite. You certainly wouldn't vomit on her.

Well, that's what happened to Mariah Carey's child.

In an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Mariah Carey opened up about the embarrassing moment to host Andy Cohen.

It happened during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the White House in 2013, when Mariah's twins, Moroccan and Monroe, were two.

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She remembered the moment, saying: "Rocky spit up on Michelle Obama's dress, and it was one of the most humiliating things that ever happened to me.

"She was like, 'Thanks to you, I'll never be able to wear this dress again, Rocky. So thank you'."

We'll admit, we'd absolutely bury ourselves into a hole if that happened to us!

Meanwhile, a caller rang into the show to ask her opinion of Britney Spears.

Before giving a little smirk, she said: "Em, I don't quite recall, there were a couple things that happened that night, There were cocktails, there were other stuff... we were in California.

"We've been around each other a couple times, from start and she's always been a sweetheart."

Hmm, interesting.