Matt Damon looked a little different when he FaceTimed the “mayor of Dalkey” 1 year ago

Matt Damon looked a little different when he FaceTimed the “mayor of Dalkey”

As always, the Hollywood actor only had lovely things to say about Dalkey.

Dalkey's honorary citizen, Matt Damon, has shared that he sported an unusual haircut while he video-called Bono, or as he likes to call him, the "mayor of Dalkey".


While promoting his upcoming film, The Last Duel, Damon explained that his kids dyed his mohawk bright red at one point during his summer in the Dublin town.

Appearing on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Damon shared that his kids decided to make their father's hair their art project, just before he was due to hop on a call with Bono.

"I FaceTimed him the night that my wife and I had a few drinks," he said. "It was a Friday night and I had let the kids dye my hair red. It was their art project basically and it was clear that we weren't going back to work."

His co-star Ben Affleck added: "There's nothing children like more than to humiliate their parents."


Damon went on to explain just how striking his new 'do was.

"Then they decided that I needed a mohawk, and that was the night [Bono] FaceTimed me."

Fallon then produced photographic evidence of the chop, but Matt explained that it looked "even more ridiculous" in real life.


"The hair was actually maroon, I looked like a rooster," he said. "I looked ridiculous."

When Bono saw it, Matt said he reacted by saying: "What have you done? What is happening over there? You need help. We need to come help you."

Elsewhere in the interview, Matt, unsurprisingly, heaped praise on the Dublin town of Dalkey.

"My family took a vote, and we decided to stay in Ireland," he said. "And it was a great decision, we had a great time there and we kind of got absorbed into this beautiful little community there."


He added that Dalkey is a "great little town" and said that they were "as lucky as we could get."