Natalie Portman has recreated THAT iconic Demi Moore pregnancy photo 4 years ago

Natalie Portman has recreated THAT iconic Demi Moore pregnancy photo

Who could forget the infamous image of Demi Moore, showing off her incredible baby bump on the cover of Vanity Fair? It revolutionised the way we view pregnant bellies, and would you believe, it was 26 years ago...

Now, if that doesn't make you feel really bloody old, I don't know what will. The photo, taken by the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz will forever be remembered as the image that challenged the existing taboos of showing off pregnant bodies, arguably one of the most influential images of all time.


Now, of course, we've come a long way to showing off our baby bumps since 1991, and don't you just adore that Natalie Portman has recreated a slightly more modest version of Demi Moore's image?

The Jackie actress is expecting her second child with husband Benjamin Millepied, and this little glimpse of Déjà vu is making us all nostalgic to watch the movie Ghost again.

Both incredibly strong images, taken by one of the best shutterbugs of all time, Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair magazine. It's such a beautiful edition, worth picking up a copy as it's the Hollywood Issue with an all-female line up of stars on the cover and inside. And the dresses are too-die-for.

Absolute Respect.

Which one do you prefer?