Nikki Grahame's dad passed away days after daughter 2 years ago

Nikki Grahame's dad passed away days after daughter

Nikki sadly passed away last month.

It has been revealed that Nikki Grahame's father, David passed away just nine days after the death of his daughter.


He had been sick with pancreatic cancer.

Over the weekend, Nikki's mum Sue spoke publicly about the death of her daughter for the first time.

She told The Mirror: "I am destroyed. There's part of me that's lost forever.

"My fight to get Nikki well started 30 years ago. In the end, I lost her. It has been the fight from hell."


Sue added that Nikki's father called the hospital and begged them not to discharge her when she was still very ill.

The Big Brother star sadly passed away on 9 April after suffering from anorexia for many years.

Previously, Nikki's friends raised over £65,000 to help pay for her to enter an eating disorder clinic. Following her death, a portion of those funds went towards her funeral costs, while the remainder was donated to an eating disorder organisation.


Taking to the fundraiser page, Nikki's friend Carly pointed to the lack of accessible services available to those with eating disorders.

She wrote: "The crucial funding that has been lacking to help people in these awful situations has not been addressed, we will use this money to the best of our ability to try and and stem this horrific, debilitating illness."

Additionally, Carly thanked everyone who donated to the fundraiser so far, as well as those who sent supportive messages to Nikki. She added that the Big Brother star would be "so thankful".

According to the HSE, approximately 1,757 new cases of eating disorders occur in Ireland each year. An estimated 188,895 people across the country experience an eating disorder at some point in their lives.


If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, there is help available. You can call The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland's helpline on 01-2107906.