Not so Loo-vely: Rita Ora Admits She's Terrified of Toilets 8 years ago

Not so Loo-vely: Rita Ora Admits She's Terrified of Toilets

Rita Ora has an unusual phobia. No, no. It’s got nothing to do with spiders, heights or small spaces. The singer has revealed that she’s absolutely terrified of toilets. Eh…yes, really.

The Irish Sun reports that Rita has revealed that she’s more frightened of going to the toilet than becoming a judge on reality talent show The X-Factor.

“I always feel that when I go to the toilet that something’s going to come out of the bottom. I have this thing where I think this tunnel must start from somewhere and sometimes I think, ‘What if something comes out of the toilet?’” said Rita.

“That’s been one of my fears. I always make sure I put the light on when I go,” she added.

We’re not sure what use a light would be if something did happen to crawl up the loo, but anyway, you have to admit – it is a slightly strange phobia. Rita claims that her fear is so bad that it almost caused one of her relationships to be flushed (hah!) away.

Out of Order: Rita suffers from a phobia of going to the loo.

“One time I tried to use the bathroom in the dark and I missed the toilet and I fell on the floor. I was going out with someone at the time and I was trying to be all smooth and cool and didn’t want them to hear me going to the toilet,” she said.

“So I walked in and couldn’t find the switch, so I went to the toilet and I fell on the floor. He woke up and he said, ‘What happened?’ and all you could just hear is a crash. I said, ‘Nothing!’” she added.

Mortifying or what? But we know too well the crazy kind of things that a phobia can make you do (one member of the team ran screaming from a pet shop when she accidentally came across a tarantula).

What about you ladies? Do you have any strange/odd phobias you’d like to share?